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Your Council is Spraying Carcinogenic Pesticides! · Westcountry Wildling

Your Council is Spraying Carcinogenic Pesticides!

This page is an extension of my blog article on Why We Should Ditch the Pesticides.

In June 2016 I looked outside to discover Cornwall Council haphazardly spraying weed killer along the street that I live on. When I say haphazardly I mean it, the guy was just waving it around in the air. I’d hate to share a bathroom with him because he had zero concept of aim.

Whilst I didn’t know for certain, I had my suspicions that Monsanto’s carcinogenic pesticide Round Up would be the culprit. I was furious! Taking my anger to social media, I approached them and received the following standardised response that you can read here, though not before they repeatedly deleted my comment linking this newspaper article from 2015 confirming my suspicions.

“Hi Zinzi The Council uses Roundup, a glyphosate based product which has been approved for use around both humans and animals, to treat weeds in areas of public use, including Council owned parks. In determining the weed control products used, the Council takes into account wider environmental concerns and criteria as set down by the Chemicals Regulation Directorate. All staff are fully trained in the use of this product and use Controlled Droplet Application (CDA) sprayers to spot spray controlled amounts of the herbicide on weeds in accordance with national legislation. This method of application means that the product can be targeted more effectively and is rainfast in a much shorter period than other methods.”

Just as I had anticipated, Round Up was the culprit and they were claiming it’s safe. Of course they were! It’s not just Cornwall Council either. It didn’t take long for people all over the country to tell me that their council was doing the same. 

So, if it’s safe, why should I care?

I’m sure that’s what some of you are thinking. Perhaps you even use it in your own garden… I wouldn’t blame you! Television has been selling it to you for years, and every summer you’ll find shop shelves lined with weed killer. Unfortunately, glyphosaste may be currently approved, but it is being banned in countries around the world because of the risks associated with it’s use. Despite what they say, it’s not really all that safe. Want to know more? Read my list of reasons to ditch the pesticides! 

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