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Frequently Asked Questions · Westcountry Wildling
Adventure Awaits

Disclaimer: The links in this post are affiliate links. It won’t cost you any extra should you to purchase through them, but I will receive a little bit of money to buy my staffie sidekick some treats if you do. This means you will be personally responsible for a happy wagging tail, and it doesn’t get much better than that! I only ever recommend products and brands to you that I trust and use myself.

Which camera do you use?

I primarily use the Canon EOS 5d Mark II and have been since it was released a few years ago. You can pick them up pretty cheap second hand now, but if you’re in the market for a new camera, I would suggest buying one of the newer releases such as the Mark III or Mark IV instead. I’ve played with newer releases owned by friends and I definitely plan on upgrading mine as soon as I get the chance!

I have been using Canon cameras for a long time, prior to this I used an old 400d, and I absolutely love them. I’ve had no problems at all with mine in all the time I’ve had it, and I’ve given it a hell of a beating working festivals!

I also use the GoPro HERO Session Camera for video/underwater stuff and sometimes my Samsung Galaxy S5 phone when I’m being lazy or don’t have another camera on me.

Which lenses do you use?

Pretty much everything you see on my blog will be taken with one of these two lenses. I also use an old, cheap, and terrible quality 35-80mm lens occasionally for wider shots, which I plan on replacing as soon as possible. I’m only using it temporarily as my old wide angle was stolen. I wouldn’t recommend it though!

What platform do you use to run this blog?

I’m using WordPress self-hosted with TSO Host who are absolutely amazing. They’re a small UK based hosting company and I highly recommend them. I’ve had much better service with them than I previously have with larger companies and they have always gone out of their way to quickly help me with even the most stupid questions, including those that have had nothing to do with the hosting side of things and everything to do with me being forgetful. I run multiple WordPress websites with them and I’ve always been incredibly happy with their service.

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